Welcome to the website of the recently formed Bay Area organization, Friends of Women of the Wall.

Our Mission:

…to support the efforts of Nashot HaKotel (Women of the Wall) to achieve the social and legal recognition of the right of women to wear talitot (prayer shawls), to collectively pray aloud, and to chant from the Torah at the Kotel (Western Wall). We firmly believe that this issue is emblematic of the need for religious pluralism and civil rights in Israel.

Our Vision:

…is of a Kotel free of strife, where all Jews can pray according to their custom, and the acceptance in the State of Israel of the religious and civil rights of all streams of Judaism.

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Visit Friends of Women of the Wall  on Facebook;  friendsofwomenofthewall.com; contact us at friendsofwomenofthewall@gmail.com or 415.754.9546. Visit the Women of the Wall website.